Psychological Medicine for Oncology

1st October 2015 at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

Dissemination of a Statewide Survivorship Intervention: A Clinician’s Foray into Public Health
Don Rosenstein, Professor of Psychiatry, University of North Carolina

Not Actually a Pain in the Neck: A Patient’s Perspective
Tom Grew, Patient & Academic Foundation Doctor

An Oncologist’s View of Optimising Care after Cancer Treatment
Sarah Blagden, Associate Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine

Alongside the best cancer treatments, what do patients need from their oncologists?
Amanda Ramirez, Emeritus Professor of Liaison Psychiatry, King’s College London

Depression Care for People with Cancer
Michael Sharpe, Professor of Psychological Medicine, University of Oxford

Selecting, Training and Supervising Nurses to Treat Depression in Patients with Cancer
Alison Richardson, Professor of Cancer Nursing & End of Life Care, University of Southampton

Provision of Psychological Medicine for Oncology in the Thames Valley
Michael Yousif, Clinical Lead, Oxford Comorbidity Academic Health Science Network

Sponsored by the Oxford Mental-Physical Comorbidity Academic Health Science Network