Our Psychological Medicine Service  is a leading ‘liaison psychiatry’ service, which aims to transform medical care in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by delivering integrated psychiatry and psychology.  This state of the art integration has led to us being nationally recognised for excellence.

Oxford University Hospitals is a world renowned centre of clinical excellence and one of the largest NHS teaching trusts in the UK.  It includes the John Radcliffe Hospital, Churchill Hospital and Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, all located in Oxford, and the Horton General Hospital in Banbury, North Oxfordshire.  The Psychological Medicine Service is a core service and we provide assessments, psychological treatments and advice about medication for patients who have been admitted to or are attending clinics at these hospitals.

As well as providing a Trust-wide emergency service, we are embedded in acute medicine, neurology, trauma, oncology, palliative medicine, renal medicine, intensive care, obstetrics and other services.   This way of delivering care within the general hospital, rather than separately, is novel and innovative.

The service has a major teaching and research role with close links to the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry.  It also has links to many Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry services in the USA.